digital radio

With this post, it my pleasure to state that you will read more frequently on radio & TV news form Turkey...
According to the regulation which is issued on 23 December 2018 by the Supreme Council of Radio & Television there will be a tender on digital radio, FM & DVB-T2 in Turkey.  In this post, I will concentrate on digital radio. 
According to the Item 27.1.b:
"Sayısal radyo yayınları, ulusal ve ITU-R standartları ve teknik parametrelere uygun olarak Üst Kurulca belirlenecek teknik parametre ve standartlara göre yapılır."
with my translation:
"The digital radio broadcast will be made according to the technical parameters & standards stated by the Supreme Council, which will be decided accordingly to the national and ITU-R standards & technical parameters."
From this statement it is not easy or even possible to find out the standard that will be chosen by Turkey. Actually there are more than one standard:
  • DAB+
  • DRM+
  • DVB-T2 Lite
  • 5G
Each of these has own advantages & problems. 
You may argue that 5G is not a system for broadcast,  actually it may also be a broadcast platform for both TV & radio
DAB+ has many advantages starting with the market in Europe & consumer devices.
DRM+ has become an option after the decision of Russia.
DVB-T2 Lite shows that it is an option with the work of Mr. Kenneth Wenzel in Denmark.
On the other hand, the future of broadcast radio is also a subject of discussion....