Paris, March 22nd, 2016 – Visiware International, the world leader in games for interactive television, is announcing the launch of “Who Wants To be A Millionaire? ™” on the French IPTV network Free, a subsidiary of Iliad with over 6 million subscribers.

Visiware International acquired the license held by Sony Pictures Television and has already made the game available on Numericable’s HD boxes in France, Belgium and Luxemburg.

This interactive version lets the player dive into the immersive atmosphere and offers a unique multi-screen gaming experience. As a complement to the "traditional" game mode, with its 12 questions, 3 lifelines and the well- known money tree (virtual money), the game also offers a brand new mode called "The race to the million" where up to 4 players – with their remote controls, smartphones or tablets (iOS and Android compatible devices) – will be able to connect simultaneously to the TV and play together in a new convergent experience. The game offers several thousand questions updated regularly for a more challenging experience.

Developed in HD format, “Who Wants To be A Millionaire? ™” is available on the Freebox Revolution set top boxes for a €3.99 Pay-Per-Download – with an additional €0.99 for the iOS and Android apps to access the multi-screen features. The game can also be played more traditionally using the set top box remote control.

Players will finally be able to compare their performances nationwide via a real time leaderboard. They will be able to create a user profile and take on multiple challenges to gather achievements badges and/or to reach the top status of "Billionaire". Furthermore, the can enter competitions to win real life prizes.

Frederic Fellague, COO of Visiware, is delighted with the launch: "We are very proud to start our partnership with Free to make “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? ™” available to their customers. Players can discover or rediscover the game and test their general knowledge with the same experience as on TV. We hope to launch new interactive applications and games on the Freebox in the upcoming months. We are also planning, very soon, on making the game available on other OTT boxes and Pay-TV networks worldwide. " .  

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Visiware International, a SYNC subsidiary based in France, is a leading provider of interactive games for television under the Playin’TV brand.  The games services, which include major entertainment licenses and innovative features (multiplayer, multi-device, leaderboards, etc.), run on connected TV sets and on cable, satellite and iPTV networks worldwide. Contact: Aissata Diallo – TV Marketing Manager – - + 33 1 46 29 39 00