SGO Goes Virtual at NAB - Booth SL9027

SGO will be carving its own path this NAB, bringing its award-winning finishing system Mistika to the limelight and unveiling a multitude of incredible future-proof developments that have been in the pipeline for the past few years. Mistika will be the frontier of Virtual Reality, equipping professionals with the most innovative and accessiblevirtual toolsets and workflowsWith an NAB highlight of VR in post, SGO will reveal its distinctive, forward thinking 3D feature-sets, VR Mode and VR Device connections, depicting how Mistika provides Colour Grading, HDR, Stereo and Compositing in Virtual Reality, in just one system.
Showcasing its insanely powerful HDR-HFR-VR-capable Mistika colour-finishing post system, other key highlights include features to support VR project finishing, revolutionary new colour grading tools for HDR, all new keying functions, as well as a new, totally flexible conform system to make Mistika invaluable as the centre-piece for all project workflows.
In addition, SGO partners with Canon to display the latest advancements in UHD technology, with Mistika at the helm of a dynamic end-to-end HDR-4K colour-grading pipeline demonstration on Canon's Booth.
Already championed by leading companies globally, including L.A.-based Bad Robot, to work on major-league projects such as Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, Mistika is the industry's most powerful performance-leading post solution, enabling integration between colour grading, depth grading, visual effects, conforming and editing, reliably handling any project at high-speed in real-time in all resolutions including 8K for broadcast, film and commercials.
“Over the past few years SGO have been listening to the industry and learning heaps from our incredible customers. Behind the scenes we have been working at an extraordinary pace, and I’m excited to say, we’ve made some pretty ground-breaking developments that we will be showcasing this NAB.” SGO's Marketing Manager Tanya Walker expands, “2016 is going to be a game-changer for SGO and NAB is such a fantastic platform for us, where we can demonstrate cutting edge developments and provide attendees an experience they won’t forget.”
“The reason Mistika sets itself apart and attracts world-class clientele, is down to it’s speed, agility and its problem-solving capabilities, all of these attributes are key differentiators for Mistika and SGO as a business. Notable ground-breaking projects that have never been attempted before, have been achieved and made possible in Mistika and that’s something we are incredibly proud of.” confirms SGO's Managing Director Geoff Mills, “Professionals can see for themselves that SGO's technology has proven to be a reliable future-proof asset. We pride ourselves in being a company that constantly invests in product development, appreciates and listens to our customers and partners, and values our loyal and dedicated team.”
What's New at NAB 2016 - Key Product Highlights in Mistika 8.7 include:

  • Universal Keying architecture gives colourists and compositors access to the same keying tools, allowing ultimate power and flexibility to create selections for further processing. Create selections using any combination of the following keying technologies; HSL, RGB, Logical, Spatial (from CGI data) as well as the all-new 3D Keyer - a highly accurate and intuitive point-and-click keying system.
  • Innovative "4th Ball" system for grading HDR projects, complete with updates to the keying systems to allow for HDR keying levels. Mistika's unique "Unicolour" technology allows the user to seamlessly transfer between source, grading and delivery colour "spaces" including linear light, SMTPE 2084, Hybrid Log Gamma, ACES and many more.
  • Auto Conform System allows projects from almost any source to be recursively conformed and re-conformed. Built to deal with the modern project complexities of mixed RAW formats, missing files and constant edit updates.
  • Match Paste Function helps users rapidly roll-out projects by intelligently copying grades and multi-layer effects from previously designed shots, to duplicates and similar shots located elsewhere in the current edit or in other edits.
  • Unique User Log-In System is a key development that SGO have been working on as a result of listening and learning to the market and its customers. This NAB attendees can discover how they can easily maintain their own settings in a multi-user system for preferences, keyboard shortcuts and Precision Panel Lay-outs.
  • Mistika's Virtual Reality capabilities will be unveiled in a dedicated upcoming press release closer to the show opening date.
Be different, push boundaries, emerge from the crowd and experience SGO's advanced technology this NAB. 
Meet SGO’s expert team on Booth SL9027 who will be there to answer any and all of your questions.

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The SGO team looks forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!