digital radio in Sweden: what is happening?

Time to time, it becomes extremely difficult for me to follow up the progress in technology. The main reason for this is nothing but MONEY :) 

I have to finance all my trips to events, at which I have the chance to meet colleagues from industry and ask my questions. But, for some events, the cost for the event is too high, like the DVB World Congress in Venice. Although I bought the tickets for the flight & booked a hotel on my own, it seems that I will not find a way to attend the event, as it is not possible for me to pay 1000 € for a two day congress.

The title of this post is again on the same issue, the unability to attend the events.

As you may already know, there is a hot topic in the digital radio world: Sweden. It is a country of social democrats and a heaven for some, because of this. This Nordic country, has been trying the digital radio for many years and now decided not to proceed any more. It is quite interesting as another Nordic, Norway, is preparing for the first FM switch off process next year. It is again quite interesting, as Sweden was also announced a FM switch off calendar. 

There are many different news on the decision of Sweden with the digital radio. Actually it becomes difficult to just follow the news and try to understand the "fact", if there is one. 

At the end of the day, I think that, the decision makers of Sweden are just confused as many. On one hand, there is a trend of digitalization of the broadcast, both TV & radio. On the other hand, the quality of FM is quite satisfactory & the receivers are too cheap when compared with the digital ones. Also, to build the same coverage network as with FM in digital,  it cost a lot. Regarding the broadcasting costs, unless you close FM transmitters, the digital transmitters add on the FM costs.  

The latest announcement are from WorldDAB. As a last word, I want to quote form their announcement:
“Nothing has changed in Sweden since the Ministry of Culture's decision last summer. The plan for digital radio is stopped and the Government decision has been confirmed by Parliament.However, the recent discussion in Parliament shows that it is wrong to say that digital radio is dead in Sweden. All political parties agree on the importance of following developments in Europe. Norway begins the transition to digital terrestrial radio in less than one year, so it will not be so long before we can evaluate the results."