A Long Term Vision for Terrestrial Broadcast, white paper from DVB

It is my pleasure to announce the important white paper from DVB. The report, which is of 80 pages, is dealing with the DTT. 

The report or more correctly White Paper, is dated November 2015, which is quite new. It starts with stating that, Linear TV will not die as fast as many think. Although on-demand gain market share, because of "live events" there will always be a need for Linear TV. Another reason for Linear TV is that people, actually "want" someone to make a schedule for them. Sounds strange for you, but it is also my observation :)

The white paper, is also dealing with the need for capacity. As you well know the frequency band for terrestrial television has decreased dramatically and it seems that with the lost of 700 MHz, will continue to decrease. According to white paper, DVB-T2 HEVC, offers enough enhancement to fulfill the requirement of a more efficient way of terrestrial standart. Whereas the need for a back channel, is still a problem to be solved. It is also emphasized in the white paper, that the cooperation with the mobile word should be considered. 

It is a very important work and should be read carefully by the decision makers, the members of the Supreme Councils & the management teams of the public broadcasters. 

I personally thank to DVB, for their work.