Jan 7, 2016

INSIDE Secure enhances content protection suite with Google and Microsoft support / Press Release

INSIDE Secure, a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced from CES today enhancements to its award-winning DRM Fusion content protection product.  With support for both Google’s Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady platforms, INSIDE Secure can offer both software and hardware security, including the most stringent security to address new Hollywood specs for movie content. 

“Microsoft, with the help of companies like INSIDE Secure, recognizes the need to enhance security in order to reduce piracy” said George Ayad, Global Director, Partnerships & Alliances for Microsoft PlayReady. “With DRM Fusion’s implementation of Microsoft PlayReady Porting Kit 3.0, decrypted video is never available outside of a device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or a secure connection during transmission, ensuring content is protected from end to end. In addition, DRM Fusion’s implementation gives access to the latest PlayReady functionalities included in PK3.0, like the real time expiration enforcement.” 

“Irrespective of the platform and the content owners' security requirements, we can meet their security needs; from a software-only solution to meet Google’s Widevine Level 3, to a Level 1 solution where unencrypted video is never available outside of a device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) or a secure connection during transmission,” said Andrew McLennan, Executive Vice President of the Mobile Security Division of INSIDE Secure. “INSIDE Secure can help our customers protect premium content, including 4K/UHD and HDR content, anywhere it is on Smart TVs, set-top-boxes, game consoles, smartphones or tablets.” 

Read both announcements here:

INSIDE Secure DRM Fusion Adds Support for Google Widevine Modular DRM System: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160106006753/en/Secure-DRM-Fusion-Adds-Support-Google-Widevine  

INSIDE Secure Collaborates with Microsoft to Address Hollywood Studios’ Security Requirements for 4K/UHD and HDR Content: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160106006771/en/Secure-Collaborates-Microsoft-Address-Hollywood-Studios%E2%80%99-Security  

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