There is a new alliance, now for IP media solutions

There is a new alliance, this time for the IP media solutions. As you know, the SDI world is going to chance to IP. Actually, this transition will cause some problems for the broadcast engineers who are not so familiar with IT/IP systems. 

Thanks God, that I started my professional carrier as network engineer and worked 3 years for IT department. I am comfortable with "new" (!) technology.

I wrote "this time", cause as you know recently there was another press release about another alliance for codecs in transmission. This latest press release is from an industry leader Grass Valley Belden, which announce a collaboration of five companies, namely: 



  • LAWO



Each of them are well known companies in the industry. I believe, we will see some important outcomes of the collaboration in the short time. 

The road map of the alliance is defined as:
As the industry transitions to IP, AIMS believes it is critical to follow a standards-based approach that outlines a clear roadmap that both meets the needs of implementations today and presents a clear path to greater functionality in the future. AIMS endorses an IP roadmap that includes:

  1. SMPTE 2022-6. The most widely implemented standard in the industry.
  2. AES67. The leading standard for audio over IP.
  3. VSF TR-04.   A technical recommendation that prescribes the use of SMPTE 2022-6 for video and AES-67 for audio.
  4. VSF TR-03.  A technical recommendation that simplifies production and virtualization using IP. VSF TR-03 defines RFC 4175 as the standard for carrying video essence. This standard leverages RTP as the delivery protocol and has been in place since 2005.  For audio, VSF TR-03 uses AES67, the standard accepted by audio equipment suppliers for high performance audio over IP, which provides flexibility and capacity beyond the limitations of embedded audio. VSF also specifies use of SMPTE 2059, which is based on IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol as a means of timing systems over IP.

    AIMS members believe that this roadmap, including VSF TR-03 based systems will be an implementation reality in 2016.   This roadmap is the only IP standards roadmap in our industry that has been developed using a collaborative, non-proprietary approach, and the benefits are multiple:

  • It has the support of more companies than any other approach
  • It is well-suited to future needs such as virtualization/software-based implementations
  • It enables simpler implementations (examples:  higher leverage of COTS IP switches and direct interface to audio equipment without the need for conversion gear)