Light shines on Mexico as Rotolight announce new distribution deal

Rotolight are proud to announce a new distribution deal with Simplemente, a Mexican systems integrator and solutions provider to the broadcast and motion picture industry.

"I started my professional career as a cinematographer and it's still my passion" says Monica Reina, President of Simplemente.
Based in Mexico City, Simplemente's team includes business, sales, management and technical support units. The company's collective experience encompasses a wide variety of hardware and software capabilities including networking, film and television production, post-production, hardware installation, training, systems configuration and 24/7 service and support.
"When first I saw the incredible versatility and high quality of Rotolight I got very excited." said Rune Hansen, Simplemente CTO. "Rotolight's powerful, practical and affordable color-accurate LED lighting gear is ideal for all kinds of productions. Working with the team at Rotolight has been a wonderful experience."
On the production side, Simplemente has helped produce a variety of award-winning films at the forefront of technology. Films co-produced by Simplemente include Mezcal, México Barbaro and Todo lo demás. Simplemente also introduced Mexican filmmakers to such innovative products as the Panasonic HD 24p VariCam and RED camera and the Blackmagic line of post-production hardware.
Recent projects have taken Simplemente’s personnel to Peru, Honduras, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina, with remote project supervision and consultation in additional countries in Latin America. With its proven history in a comprehensive array of industries and a wide network of partners, Simplemente possesses an ideal combination of technical knowledge and practical experience.
Rotolight's world-renowned best in class LED's are becoming the go-to lighting solution for the photographic and video / broadcast channels. Delivering broadcast quality LED Lighting technology and featuring overall CRI = 96, Skintone CRI = 99 and TLCI = 91 ensuring the very best results for DSLR and Broadcast Camera users.
Barry Grubb, Rotolight's International Sales Manager is looking forward to growing the brand in Mexico and surrounding territories.
"To give Rotolight a home in Mexico is a strategic step and pivotal to the growth of Rotolight, with Simplemente's expansive experience in broadcast and film it was a simple choice and the perfect partner for Rotolight, going forward. The LED lighting revolution is a converging market, creating a synergy with stills and video producers, Simplemente reflect the Rotolight philosophy and have the network-reach, reputation and experience to successfully market Rotolight's innovative products. This is a very exciting partnership!"
For further details of distribution and Rotolight products within Mexico please contact:
Noah Kadner
Marketing Director
International and general sales enquiries please contact:
Barry Grubb
T: +44 (0) 1753 42 2752