CSA announces national deployment of digital radio in France

Paris, January 2014
The Alliance for Digital Radio strongly welcomes the CSA’s announcement of a timetable for the deployment of Digital Terrestrial Radio across France. At its plenary meeting on 9 December 2015 the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA) revealed a plan for more than 40 allocations, and a hundred local allocations.

With this announcement, the French regulator confirms its support for the digitisation of broadcast radio in France. It also underlines the commitment of each of the CSA’s individual members to the development of a new, high quality and diverse radio offering which is free-to-air and anonymous.

While welcoming the announcement, the Alliance signals also that it considers the CSA's approach of spreading the deployment over an eight year period to be overly cautious (the last call for applications is not scheduled until 2023). While FM already suffers from a significant geographic imbalance, the proposed schedule risks creating a two-speed radio landscape in France.

Independent and community radio stations, industry partners and technical bodies, already actively involved in the deployment of DAB+, advise the CSA to consider accelerating its timetable, by launching at least four calls for applications every year, instead of the proposed two.

The Alliance proposes to present the various elements justifying this accelerated approach at a future plenary session of the CSA in early 2016.

About the Alliance for Digital Radio (“l’Alliance pour la Radio Numérique Terrestre”) 
The Alliance for Digital Radio was created in October 2014, by WorldDAB, SIRTI and SNRL, with the aim of coordinating activities for a rapid deployment of DAB+ in France.

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