Shall we not build DTT, after WRC 2015

According to the news in the web site of EBU, 470 - 694 MHz will be reserved for DTT & radio microphones not only till WRC 2019, but also till WRC 2023. At the WRC 2023, 470 - 960 MHz band will be reconsidered. It is good news for the DTT business in Europe. But is it a good news for Turkey?

As you may well know, Turkey has not yet spend any money on DTT. There is no DTT network, nor a finished frequency allocation tender. Hence, we can say that there is nothing, just NOTHING regarding DTT. 

So, in best circumstances, the tender for DTT frequencies can be finished by 2016 & the network would be ready by 2017. Well, the picture becomes interesting from that point. The frequency allocation would be for 10 years, which covers 2016-2026. But, during the WRC 2023, the frequency usage will be reconsidered again.

It may be more meaningful to think not to build DTT at all, and start thinking to work on xG mobile networks. I would appreciate for your comments... 


  1. I do appreciate your feedbacks and I'm reading your blogs, and we're also waiting for DTT launch in Turkey. However, DTT switchover seems quite impossible to me considerind the wide penetration of satellite systems in Turkey. DTT offers basicly less comsumer profit as there already are HD channels in satellite and there are practically less regulation of mounting satellite antenna in urban areas.

  2. Thanks for your comment dear Unknown :)
    Unfortunately I do agree with you. Having worked for the DTT process for many years, I should admit that it is just too late to start a fully new way of TV reception.


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