what is the lattest information from Turkish DTT?

This post will be a short covarage of the potential problems regarding the DTT launch in Turkey:

It is quite obvious for anyone that the ASO in Turkey, should have been completed till now. This lateness make the things some how more problematic. Broadcast sector actually are not using the terrestrial transmitters any more. TV reception is heavily, nearly fully depends on FTA satellite, for which each & every broadcaster has license. So, for the broadcasters, the DTT is not needed with this model: 

Pay for the licence, ---MONEY
Build the Network,   ---MONEY
Pay for the Transmitter + Multiplex operator company,  ---MONEY
also pay for the annual fee of frequency usage. ---MONEY

Well this is a all give model actually :) There is not even one income, with building DTT. 

Or just forget about the DTT, just close down analog terrestrial transmitters and save money and leave the full UHF band to the mobile networks.

Well, to be honest the second option seems more meaningful to me also, if I were a CEO of a broadcaster. 

But, if you look from the public side picture is completely different:

Think that the local government has an unused area, which can be made a park, so that every citizen can use, or given to a hotel so that only the ones that have enough money would use, but also the government earns money from the auction. 

The DTT and mobile network usage, actually looks similar to the park & hotel example. Usage of the remaining UHF band for DTT is park & the other is hotel. 

Then, if you, as the public want to have it used as park, raise your voice. As I said, it is not the same like other EU countries. For the broadcasters DTT is not a must anymore.