what is the current situation about DTT in Turkey?

This is the most common question I am facing: What is the situation about DTT? Actually I do not know. So you may ask, why are you writing this? Let me try to explain:
  • According to the WRC 2006, we (I mean Turkey) should switch off its analogue terrestrial television transmitters this summer. But we did not.
  • According to Act 6112, we (I again mean Turkey) should complete the frequency allocation tender process. But we did not.
  • According to the Head of Supreme Council at the time of 2006, we (I, for the third time, mean Turkey) in three years time ASO would be completed. But it did not.
Above I listed the THINGS that have to be DONE but did not. 
Now, lets look what we (I will not write you I mean, but I guess you got it) DID:
  • Assign the 800 MHz to the mobile world for 4.5 G. Do not ask what the 4.5G is, or do not ask me :)
  • From an email I got from the CTO of ANTEN AS, with a decision to downsize the company, I mean ANTEN AS, the only network operator in Turkey for the DTT and also radio network according to the Act 6112, they terminated the contracts of the technical staff of the company including the CTO. 

Coming to the question in the title:
What is the current situation about DTT in Turkey?
I may say: 
Houston, we got a problem!! And it seems that we will have some big problems too. 
You may wonder the photo in this post. Well it is the tomb of Suleyman the Magnificent. A Sultan of Ottoman Empire. There is a saying in Turkish: Sultan Süleymana kalmadı dünya. Do not ask me the translation :)