post IBC 2015: Digital Radio

There has been a debate on the standard of the digital radio all over the world. WorldDAB & DRM are the two leading non profit organisation to support their solutions; DAB+ & DRM+. There is also another alternative with radio over DVB-T2 Lite profile. During IBC 2015 all three tried to convince the attendees that their solution was the ONE. 

 The panel of WorldDAB

 Mr. Kenneth Wenzel, showing the digital radio over DVB-T2 Lite profile

 Head of WorldDAB, Mr. Patrick Hannon

Actually I should admit that I did not have chance to attend any DRM event. Although I promised to attend & I shared their program on this blog, I totally forgot this. I had the chance to meet with Mr. Kenneth Wenzel again, with whom I first met at the Levira's event in Tallinn in 2013. I also found chance to chat with the CEO of DVB Project, Dr. Peter Siebert & Head of DigiTAG Mr. Simon Fell & Deputy Head of DigiTAG Mr. Stan Baaijens. We had a meeting with the WorldDAB staff, namely Mrs Bernie O'Neil & Mrs. Rosemary Smith. 

With all the discussions I followed and all the presentations I saw I should say that radio over DVB-T2 Lite profile is technically superior than DAB+, in terms of frequency usage, in terms of the number of stations that could be broadcasted in a MUX. 

But the standard that will replace FM is, I believe is:


The reasons for this is as follows:
  • Norway has declared the switch off date; 2017 with DAB+.
  • Switzerland is planning to switch off in 2024, possibly much earlier.
  • UK is a well established market. They are not planning a switch off yet, but the DAB+ is getting stronger.
  • Plenty of choice for receiver market. With different colour, shape & price. 

  • Automobile industry is supporting the DAB+ as the standard with their new cars. As you can see above, there are definitely many choices for the existing automobile radios. 
  • A pan European standard will help any one in the industry. With all the mobility of people throughout Europe, single standard will solve many potential problems. 
  • WorldDAB is very successful in the marketing & promotion of the technology. They are very active in events of EBU & ABU. Also during IBC 2015, they organised a crowded panel with many distinguished panelists. 
  • Personally, Bernie & Rosemary are the smiling faces of WorldDAB. They build close relations with the industry and help WorldDAB to promote itself. 
Countries like us, I mean Turkey, is very lucky with all the examples of disasters & success. If we can follow the guidelines of WorldDAB & work with them closely, I believe we can easily be a success story.