this year at IBC...

I have been blogging since 2004, in Turkish about many: books, travel, cooking and also radio & television technology. As you may guess the most viewed posts I made are the cooking & travel ones. Radio & television are the main, may be nowadays were the main, way of entertainment for all. But the technology behind radio & tv are not the hot topic for all. 
In 2013 I decided to post in English on radio & television technology in Turkey. My main goal was to become a reference blog for the radio & TV industry in Turkey. I know that there are not many sources for information on what is going on in Turkey about the digital transition in radio & TV. I tried to share my knowledge, actually the open sources of information which are mainly in Turkish, to the professionals all over the world. By that I dreamed that one day I would be accredited as PRESS to the important events of broadcasting. 
In 2013, I managed to attend three conferences, in London, in Krakow and in Tallinn. I paid the expenses on my own, except the hotel in Tallinn. It was very helpful for me to have a network of professionals in broadcast industry. In 2014, I was in Paris with my family so did not have chance to do anything but taking care of our twins. 
and now, I am proud to announce that as the writer of the TVTechTR, I am accredited as PRESS for the IBC 2015. I am really excited for this as it will be the first time in my life to attend IBC. I have been working in broadcasting for more than 15 years but could not find a chance to attend this important event ever.  
That's why I will be working hard on the program of the conference and the technologies which will be demonstrated during the event. It is just 5 days and I learned that the exhibition hall is quite large. So I want to make a good planning before IBC. I will try to post during the event, but I hope to post detailed covarage after the event as a serial. 
I would thank to the distinguished professionals who accepted the e-interviews I made during last weeks, Mr. Patrick Hannon, Ms. Ruxandra Obreja and Dr. Peter Siebert. I believe if they did not accept my e-interview offer, IBC would not accept my application as PRESS.