Member of Supreme Council, Mr. Esat Ciplak claims that there is no need to build DTT in Turkey

I have been using LinkedIn frequently. I post some updates on DTT and digital radio transition in Turkey. I found out that there are not enough source of information on these subjects. So, although it is extra work for me, I try to post my comments on these in English also. 

Recently Mr. Esat ÇIPLAK, gave a speech on DTT transition in Turkey. He is one of the members of Supreme Council of Radio & Television in Turkey, namely RTÜK. There are nine members of RTÜK. Mr. ÇIPLAK claims that there is no need to build a new DTT network as there are very little percentage left watching analog terrestrial television. According to Mr. ÇIPLAK, even in Europe percentage of population watching television via DTT is decreasing. As you well know, Turkey has not yet build DTT. So, Mr. ÇIPLAK claims that the UHF band should be released to mobile operators. Mobile operators will use the frequency band more efficient. 

I posted a comment on these in my blog in Turkish. Thinking of my international readers & keeping in mind that I was accredited as PRESS for IBC 2015, I will try to rewrite my comment in English. It will not be a sentence to sentence transition :)

Eskişehir & Ankara are two cities in Anatolia. There was railway and motorway between them. Until the new train, the faster one, was built, for transportation very small percentage was using railway. Nowadays, with the new faster train more people start to use the railway. I keep giving the same analogy, DTT is the faster train of TV reception. It is a mistake to think that people will not use DTT. DTT, satellite, IP and mobile are not competing, actually they are complementary solutions. 

I am not sure on which source did Mr. ÇIPLAK find out that the DTT is decreasing in Europe. According to the Eurobarometer report, 2013, the DTT is the option for tv reception.  40 % of population is receiving TV via DTT in average in Europe. In Germany, there was a debate on new DTT network. A professor claimed in 2013 that there was no need to build a new DTT network. According to him, LTE-B will be enough with some WIFI connection support. After some discussions, Germany announced that new DTT network will be build with DVB-T2 & HEVC. 

The mobile operators, will like a lot this offer of no DTT but LTE-B. The revenue of voice is keeping decreasing in mobile world. People keep using apps over WIFI connections, like SKYPE & WhatsAPP. So the television over LTE-B will be the rescue for them. But is it for the people? 

DTT is mainly FTA. You will not need to pay for reception, except one time fee for the Set Top Box (STB). If it is a brand new TV set, then there is no need for a STB. 

I find the Mr. Esat ÇIPLAK's words very important. It may light a fire, to a discussion, which is quite late. There were two panels in 2013, organised by Chamber of Electrical Engineers in Ankara on DTT in Turkey. I was one of speakers of the panels. We tried to start a discussion that time, which we could not manage to. Now, as I said, it is quite late to discuss whether DTT should be build or not. But, it is not too late, as there are no investment made yet. 

I personally want to thank Mr. ÇIPLAK for his speech and the future discussions...

note: For those of you, who understands Turkish you can read my blog post in Turkish: