September, that is IBC for broadcasters, is coming...

As you follow I have been interviewing on the digital radio standards. With those interviews, I personally learn a lot. I have been working in the broadcast since 1998. It is nearly 20 years and I have to say that it is quite a short time for an engineer in this sector to claim that he has experience. I am just a junior, trying to become a senior.
Fairs are one of the most important events for an engineer in his journey to become senior. There are three main broadcasting fair through out the year; NAB, Broadcast Asia & IBC. For Europe, IBC is the event of this sector. 
You may ask if it is possible to meet at IBC. 
To be honest I really want to. 
To be realistic it seems quite hard, to be able to meet I physically should be in Amsterdam, which, till this year, never happened :) 
For those who will have the chance I would like to post the following events from Digital Radio Mondiale: