It is my pleasure to announce an e-interview with President of WorldDMB

It was February 2014 when I first met with Mr. Patrick Hannon. Beside his professional carrier as a VP at Frontier Silicon, he is also the President of WorldDMB, the non-profit organization is the global forum for digital radio, facilitating the adoption and implementation of digital broadcast radio based on DAB, DAB+. We have met in Paris, at the French Radio Days event. 
I am honored to announce that Mr. Hannon accepted my e-interview offer. I will send him questions and post his answers. As you may well know, nowadays there is a digital transition in radio market. It is not as fast as television, but it progress. In some countries it is faster than others. Norway announced 2017 for the date of FM Switch Off. UK was the first to start DAB. Germany is an example of unsuccessful DAB and also restart of digital radio with DAB+. To put in a nutshell, there are different trials all over Europe. 
Turkey, is an other example. Many do not know but in Turkey we also had Digital Audio Broadcasting Radio for nearly 3 years period. Turkish Radio & Television (TRT), had DAB trails in Ankara and in Istanbul starting with 2002. As I wrote in my previous post, RTUK (the supreme council for radio & television) has the chance to tender for the radio frequencies.  This tender will probably be both for FM and also digital (most probably DAB+). 
I hope that my e-interview will make some points clear about digital radio. 
The photograph you see in this post is the one I took in Paris. I am sure that, unfortunately many does not know about Paris Commune and its importance in the world history.