new numbers regarding pay TV in Turkey

Supreme council for Information Technologies and Communication announced new report on electronic communication sector of Turkey. There are some important numbers regarding television business also. I will try to comment on these numbers:
  • Cable TV subscribers are 1213517. This number was 1277355 in the fşrst quarter of 2012. There are not many changes in this number. Home pass of cable tv is about 2,5 millions. Half of the potential is said to be subscripted to cable tv. Actually the number does not increase for a while.I do not know any expansion plans of the cable also. It has been argued for a while to expand the offer via OTT. 
  • IPTV subscribers are 213695.There is only one IPTV service in Turkey, which is offered by a company of Turk Telekom, namely TTNet. I think that the number of subscribers should be more. There are surely some reasons of this, which I do not want to go deeper. May be one day, the IPTV operation in Turkey, will be researched by academics. 
  • Number for DTH operators are not announced. It has been for 4 quarters that Supreme Council does not announce this number. It will be interesting to have to chance to learn the reason for this. I think that market share of D-Smart is close to Digiturk, which is/was the market leader. There are just two DTH offers. 
  • OTT, is not defined as payTV service. There are no data for OTT. Actually, it becomes much more important in the following years. So it may be meaningful for the Supreme Council, to announce numbers for OTT.