Istanbul TV Forum and Fair (iTVF 2013)

For more than 10 years I am attending TV Conferences in Istanbul. Name of the event was Cebit Broadcast Cable & Satellite Fair & Conference. I presented papers at this event two times in different years. By the time this event is combined with Cebit IT and conference part of the event disappeared totally. I am very glad to see that RATEM organized a special event for TV sector in Turkey.
I should mention that iTVF is not just about technical part of TV. It is also an event to meet content owners with international sales firms. It can be thought as a combination of Mippcom & IBC. But of course it is just a small version of both events. At least for this year.
There were two day discussions on digital TV and digital radio. It may sound unbelievable but in Turkey digital terrestrial television network is not yet constructed. In nearly all European countries DTT network is built, and again in many Analog has been switched off. We are a little bit late for both and time is running fast for 2015, at which we should shut the analog transmitters weather or not we built DTT. According to the latest report on Turkish TV market, 17 % of households still get TV through analog terrestrial. So shutting the analog transmitters without DTT, may cause problems.
In the first day of the event the steering board member of Digitag, deputy technical general manager of Anten A.S., board of member of Supreme Council of Radio & Television of Turkey were important speakers. They all mentioned about the time limit, the lateness of Turkey, and the advantage of late starting: chance to choose DVB-T2.
I, as I always do, asked questions regarding the issues of public awareness. When I ask guys at the retail shops weather they know about DVB-T2, they start to tell me yes this television gets satellite signals without an extra receiver. I try to tell them that DVB-T2 is not about satellite it is about terrestrial, then they tell me I know understand what you are talking about. Yes our television has DVB-T tuner also. Then I again start to tell them that with DVB-T tuner you can not get DVB-T2 signal. You should have an extra aparat, which like a set top box or a module. I asked my question to the Supreme Council that do they have a plan to prepare the public for the change as they really knows nothing about. From the answer I see that they are deeply involved with the tenders and all paper staff. They could not find time to think about these things.
Here what I want to do is to offer the regulatory bodies in Turkey. You can find some bloggers, and some professionals to travel around Turkey and make some presentations to the public. I am sure that you can find right person when you look around. Believe me they would love to do this hard job for you even without extra money. If a blogger gives time for his/her writings without expecting even a thanks, he/she will travel around the country for his/her country's favour.
I am aware that this post is long enough so I am leaving digital radio part of the event for an other post.
It was my pleasure to meet all that I meet. Hope that you, I mean the new readers, will enjoy Istanbul & my blog.