Connected TV World Summit 2013

It has been quite a while that I could not find time to write. Actually, I am not used to write in English and should spend more time for it. I was very busy with things, which make me feel happy. We went to Paris and then to a village in Turkey with my family. After that, about 3 weeks later, I went to London for Connected TV World Summit
I will definitely write a detailed coverage of the event but I should wait for the presentations. Meantime let me write my first observations:
  • Event, was very well organized. Each and every presentation was held on time with the previously announced speakers.
  • Attendees were well chosen, covering nearly all aspects of connected tv business, namely CE manufacturers, broadcasting companies, system integrators, OTT providers. 
  • Only missing party was advertisement, which is discussed on an other event: Future TV Advertisement Forum.
  • It was a pleasure to hear from Hulu and Boxee from US.
  • Cocktail after first day of the event and coffee breaks were good places for networking.
  • I am glad to see the immaturity of the market, which I thought to be the case before I came to the event. 
  • I think that next year, will be a year, where things are some what more clear. 
  • If I should summaries the event with 2 sentence I would say: 
  1. Content is still the KING.
  2. Netflix, was the most discussed firm of the event.