Digital Terrestrial Television in Turkey

As you all know analog switch off (ASO) is the process of ending analog terrestrial television broadcast and start digital terrestrial television (DTT) instead through out the whole country. In many European countries this process is done. In Turkey ASO will be on 3 March 2015. DTT has not yet started and I believe that 2 years of transition period is an extremely tight target. We will wait and see if the target is reached or not.
Main advantage of Turkey is that television reception depends on satellite. Total percentage of households which receive television from analog terrestrial broadcast is just 20 % or less. Thus, number of people that will be effected from ASO is not as high as the ones in other European countries. In countries where analog terrestrial broadcast is not dominant, transition period is not so long. This will help the ASO process of Turkey. 
It is stated in the law that the DTT network will be built by a firm, shortly called as Antenna A.Ş. Share holders of this firm is the national licensed broadcasters. Each broadcaster can to have just 10 % of share in this firm. Antenna A.Ş. will be the only transmitter operating company. Broadcasters can not build and/or operate their own network. DTT in Turkey will be with DVB-T2 and MPEG 4. 
On 16.04.2013 tender for multiplex capacity for national broadcasters will start. You can see the announcement of the Radio and Television Supreme Council from here